Duties and Responsibilities

Essential Duties
 Set up, stock and organize work area to open the restaurant.
 Prepare items required by opening checklist.
 Maintain levels for the production of food items for sufficient business volume.
 Correctly prepare all guest and employee orders prepared on the grill.
 Maintain working knowledge of all areas on the kitchen line.
 Expedite reorders and communicate issues with servers.
 Communicate to manager that waste is documented and kept to a minimum.
 Communicate 86 items to the FOH.
 Maintain teamwork philosophy with FOH and BOH.
 Follow portion and quality control.
 Complete all side jobs and cleanup as directed.
 Maintain proper food storage temperatures and rotation.
 Ensure preparation of food is safe and to clean as you go.
 Participate in kitchen deep cleaning schedule based on business volume.
 Report any safety hazards to manager.
 Perform other duties as assigned.

Physical Demands
 Moderate Exposure to extreme temperatures (i.e. – freezer, cook line)
 Consistently stands and walks for entire shift.
 Consistently reaches and stoops for product preparation and serving plates.
 Consistently reaches and lifts items weighing no more than 50 pounds.
 Consistently pushes and pulls items such as doors and chairs.
 Consistently lifts for product preparation, stocking and inventory.