Duties and Responsibilities

Essential Duties
 Know floor plan including table numbers and server’s sections.
 Greet guests, explain menu, listen and respond to questions.
    • Accuracy of order entry into POS system
    • Offer upsell items when available.
 Understand their priority list
    • Immediate guest request
    • Run hot food
    • Refill drinks
    • Ongoing side work
    • Pre-bus
    • Bus empty tables
    • PR/Guest relations
 Menu knowledge is vital, 100% score must be obtained on server test prior to completion of training and or continuation of employment.
 Deliver checks promptly to the line so that orders can be prepared within the prescribed time limits.
 Pick up orders and deliver to guests at the table within the prescribed time limits.
 Check back during the meal to ask if guests are satisfied, check for refills, pre-bus table and deliver guest check.
 Perform service duties for other servers in the dining room by picking up their orders when ready in the window and delivering them, checking other tables and providing assistance.
 Handle multiple priorities, work under stress and exercise good judgment when dealing with guest situations, complaints, and fellow co-workers.
 Maintain high degree of pace and intensity for extended period and can accurately handle money, make change, and process credit card transactions.
 Maintain safe, clean, and sanitary work environment with focus on guest touch points.
 Safe Staff certified within 60 days of employment.
 Use POS (Point of Sale) and tablet systems effectively and accurately.
 Must adhere to company uniform and appearance policy.
 Must adhere to schedule and be on-time for shifts, training and required employee meetings.
    • Attendance and Punctuality are essential to the operation of the entire restaurant.
 Perform duties that require organization, speed and efficiency and other duties as assigned by supervisor.
 Participate in tip pool.
 Assist with to-go orders.
 Perform all side work and deep cleaning as assigned.
 Participate in educating and training new team members.
 Maintain a teamwork based “can-do” attitude.

Physical Demands
 Consistently stand and walks for entire shift both inside and outside the restaurant.
 Consistently handles items with hands such as plates and glasses.
 Moderate exposure to extreme temperatures both environmental conditions and inside the restaurant.
 Consistently reaches, twists, and stoops.
 Consistently pushes and pulls items such as doors and chairs.
 Consistently lifts and bends for product preparation, stocking, and inventory.
 Consistently lifts items weighing no more than 35 pounds.
 Comprehension of instructions from guests and coworkers over background restaurant and equipment noise constantly.
 Exposed to cleaning chemicals.
 Frequent hand washing required.