Duties and Responsibilities

Essential Duties
 Check dish machine, drain tank, reassemble machine, refill tank and ensure dish machine is ready to operate before the breakfast rush.
 Clean and sweep before volume, check for broken items on the floor and wet areas that may be hazardous and remove the hazard.
 Help with salads and fruit at lunch when needed.
 Know correct temperature for washing, rinsing and pre-soaking of all pots, pans, utensils, plates, glasses, etc.
 Remove trash containers from food production area during and after volume.
 Operate the dish machine during and after volume.
 Clean dish machine and break down machine for the next day.
 Clean and restock areas according to duties assigned for the day.
 Clean, sanitize and mop dining room and lobby at the end of the day.
 Identify problems and make needed adjustments.
 Know proper rotation of food items.
 Understand chemical hazards and follow safety procedures when using chemicals, chemical compounds and cleaning products.
 Perform all side work and deep cleaning as assigned.
 Maintain a team work based “can-do” attitude.
 Work with a sense of urgency.
 Perform other duties as assigned.

Physical Demands
 Moderate Exposure to extreme temperatures (i.e. – freezer, cook line)
 Consistently stands and walks for entire shift.
 Consistently reaches and stoops for product preparation and serving plates.
 Consistently reaches and lifts items weighing no more than 50 pounds.
 Consistently pushes and pulls items such as doors and chairs.
 Consistently lifts for product preparation, stocking and inventory.